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What amount of sentences is usually an essay or dissertation

Be the very first to talk to a question about Prejudices. Lists with This Guide. Community Testimonials. rn. And, basically, I’m heading to say that it verges on two stars. I’ve heard a ton about HL Mencken, most of it approving and effectively-nigh worshipful, and I noticed this duplicate laid out on a shelf by random opportunity the other working day and figured now was a great time to delve into it.

Some professor will have to have chucked it and left it to be provided away or pulped and I was delighted to have uncovered it. I just completed it on the bus currently and I gotta say it truly is perfect bus/commute/passing the time reading. Punchy, funny, sparkli . And, really, I am heading to say that it verges on two stars. I’ve listened to a lot about HL Mencken, most of it approving and nicely-nigh worshipful, and I noticed this copy laid out on a shelf by random chance the other day and figured now was a great time to delve into it.

abortion argumentative essay pro choice Some professor ought to have chucked it and remaining it to be given away or pulped and I was delighted to have observed it. I just completed it on the bus these days and I gotta say it can be best bus/commute/passing the time studying. Punchy, funny, sparklingly very clear, thunderous and self-certain when getting mischeivous and exactingly pissed off. It’s exciting how his voice, so powerful and bracing in his day, has genuinely saturated the lifestyle. I signify, how quite a few cranky atheists with a self-deprecating grudge against everything, alternately furious and hilarious and pleased to chortle, guffaw, howl, and snicker at the fools and mediocrities, “mountebanks”, “chappaquas” (?), “buncomb” and flim-flam, “poltroonery”, the list goes on (and it is mighty enjoyable to appear throughout these quirky, feisty terms now so long in disrepair.

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I Needed Help to Post an analysis Report

I recall the opening to Sturges’ “Sullivan’s Travels” with its earnest advocacy for “the motley mountebanks” who spice up our life with their jibes and antic hop and how exciting and odd and quasi-dated the total issue was, help save the fact that it is and was a outstanding, amusing, sneakily potent movie) and on. imagine of the amusing, witty, philosophically severe haters in our midst- pretty much each standup truly worth his salt from Mort Sahl to Carlin to Lewis Black. I have significantly recognized how the vibe of our media local climate, print radio tv set it would make no difference, has form of unconsciously (or it’s possible consciously, primarily based on what tiny I have heard) taken the grouchy tone as tactic of self-protection- the hater is the last a person to get known as out for towing a social gathering line. Apparantly I. A. Richards as soon as reported that you could outline an period of record by measuring no matter if individuals have been additional scared of being thought sentimental or stupid.

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One look at the cable channels or the alternative weekies or conservative radio will very substantially seal that offer, I ought to say. Mencken is everywhere you go. So I picked up this assortment of Prejudices being aware of I was in for a rather fantastic time. Mencken’s acquired a front row seat at the freak display and he’s gobbling popcorn and waving the black flag as often as he pleases. It tends to make for fantastic looking at.

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I laughed out loud a number of periods in the course of a pair of days and that in itself is really a rarity for me. Constantly just utilized to strike me as a kind of schizoid issue, laughing at a reserve. Probably it is really since I am a sentimentalist at heart and kind of choose the Celtic twilight of sadness and despair poetic thing, I will not know, but I am obtaining on in yrs and the newspaper is really turning out to be a whole lot funnier than it used to be, unintentionally.

Mencken’s the king of laughing at the newspaper, and bully for him.


Formações em setembro – Almada Mundo SINAPE CEFOSAP

UFCD 5443
Língua Inglesa – Relações Laborais – Iniciação (50h)
Presencial (sede da Almada Mundo)

Formadora Mónica Gonçalves

setembro 08, 13, 15, 20, 22, 27, 29
outubro 04, 06, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 27
novembro 03
terças e quintas das 18.30h às 21.30h


UFCD 5445
Língua Inglesa – Relações Laborais – Aprofundamento (50h)
Presencial (sede da Almada Mundo)

Formadora Carla Pinho

setembro 13, 15, 20, 22, 27, 29
outubro 04, 06, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 27
novembro 03, 08
terças e quintas das 18.30h às 21.30h


UFCD 2282
Princípios Básicos de tecnologia da confeção (25h)

Formadora Odília Freitas

Cronograma a designar


Para mais informações

Almada Mundo Associação de Formação, Educação e Inovação


PorFormação AlmadaMundo

Outbyte Driver Updater 2 1160362

Click or → proceed according to the displayed add printer wizard. Depending on the device, some drivers are not supported. It will install all the drivers on your system that you had backed up in the above destination folder. Instead of /export-driveruse /add-driverand add /Recurseat the end. You can even set it the path to a USB Flash drive or a Disk. But, make sure your output folder name shouldn’t have any spaces.

  • Truthfully speaking, WinZip Driver Updater is not a virus but a rogue program that tries to convince you by lying to purchase the full version of the product.
  • Each of these tests is described on the screen and you can choose whichever you want.
  • However, some external keyboards, especially when you use them on the laptops, need their drivers to be updated with the latest versions for the proper functioning.

This genuine software is having its database of 13 million drivers for different devices. If you don’t like to automatically download driver updater software, then you can select the manual option as well while installing DriverPack Solution program. This software can be easily downloaded on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. This is the next best driver updater software for Windows 10, Windows 11 and below in 2022 as it is one of the simplest tool present in this list. The user interface screen of the software is highly simple with the availability of few buttons only. This advanced Windows driver update software allows bulk download and automatically installs the software without any wizard installation.

Effective Updating Drivers Systems Around The Uk

I.e. a cloud storage that is not cloud storage because the content has to be replicated in the local HDD’s. If this issue is not fixed then there is no point to upgrade. I created ISO of from Install.ESD file and Clean Installed it on my PC, now what will happen on 2nd August. Do I have to update again or is this same ISO we will get as Anniversary Update? Why would you want us to scroll both vertically and horizontally to read the article?

Examining Rapid Solutions In Updating Drivers

However, when the paper can only be loaded in a fixed orientation, the image may be printed upside down. In this event, rotate the image 180 degrees before printing. Checkbox is , 2-sided printing using that tray will not be possible. Change the paper type setting to a type that can be used for 2-sided printing. Installing the driver kit is required as you need to use the DIFxApp merge module. This module manages the association between the msidriverpackage and the application that installs the driver package, amongst other operations.

The Facts On Root Factors Of Driver Updater

The Windows Defender Antivirus is installed by default on all devices running Windows 10. While it is a good option for conducting basic virus scans, it does not offer complete protection. When tested by IT security experts, the default windows antivirus didn’t perform as well as other antivirus software, often failing to block malware. Furthermore, Windows Defender is not updated often enough to keep up with the new threats. AVAST Software HP officejet 4650 driver downloads is one of the largest cybersecurity companies in the world. Hundreds of millions of people are already using Avast Antivirus. This is partly because Avast offers a decent free option that includes real-time virus and malware protection as well as a virus scanning function.


UFCD 0822 – Gestão e organização da informação



julho 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27
terças e quartas das 18.30 às 21.30h

Horário: 18:30 – 21:30h 

25 horas


Curso gratuito e certificado pelo Lisboa 2020

formador Mauro Gentille

A Associação Almada Mundo está a organizar o curso de Informática na ótica do utilizador – fundamentos, com a duração de 25 horas, promovido pela CEFOSAP – SINAPE de forma gratuita e certificada pela IEFP, a decorrer nas instalações da sede da associação – Praça Capitães de Abril 2A/2B, com a seguinte calendarização:


  • Identificar e implementar procedimentos de organização da informação.
  • Aplicar técnicas de gestão e organização da informação.


  • Tratamento da informação e processos associados
    • Dados
    • Informação
    • Registos
    • Ficheiros
    • Bases de dados
    • Fluxos de informação
    • Organigramas
  • Sistemas de gestão
    • Necessidades de gestão
    • Níveis de gestão
    • Tipos de abordagem
    • Linguagens

Almada Mundo Associação de Formação, Educação e Inovação



EDUGEP – Ficha Inscrição Modular


UFCD 0612 Noções básicas de gestão técnica de Recursos Humanos


Julho: 1,4,6,8,11,13,15,18,20,22,25,26,29
Horário: 18:30 – 21:30h 

50 horas

A distância
Curso gratuito e certificado pelo Lisboa 2020

formadora Rita Amador

A Associação Almada Mundo está a organizar o curso de Informática na ótica do utilizador – fundamentos, com a duração de 25 horas, promovido pela CEFOSAP – SINAPE de forma gratuita e certificada pela IEFP, a decorrer nas instalações da sede da associação – Praça Capitães de Abril 2A/2B, com a seguinte calendarização:


  • Reconhecer as políticas de gestão técnica de Recursos Humanos.
  • Organizar os processos de recrutamento, seleção, admissão e avaliação dos Recursos Humanos.
  • Planificar a formação internados Recursos Humanos.
  • Executar procedimentos administrativos de Recursos Humanos.


  • Gestão técnica de recursos humanos
    • Políticas de recursos humanos
    • Planeamento e gestão previsional dos recursos humanos
  • Técnicas de recursos humanos
    • Análise e qualificação de funções
    • Recrutamento e seleção
    • Admissão
    • Avaliação de desempenho
  • Formação interna dos recursos humanos
    • Planeamento organização e avaliação da formação
    • Diferentes modalidades de formação
      • Formação presencial
      • Formação à distância
      • E-Learning
    • Rotinas administrativas do ciclo formativo
      • Fichas de inscrição
      • Lista de participantes
      • Folhas de sumários
      • Recursos logísticos e pedagógicos de apoio
      • Organização do dossier
      • Avaliação da formação
  • Procedimentos administrativos dos recursos humanos
    • Atualização de bases de dados dos trabalhadores
    • Registos dos contratos de trabalho
    • Arquivos informáticos das condições aplicáveis dos contratos de trabalho
    • Aspetos administrativos decorrentes da rescisão de contratos de trabalho
    • Registo de sanções disciplinares
    • Regulamentos internos
    • Remunerações e incentivos – Cálculo de vencimentos
    • Modelos Internos
      • Horário de trabalho
      • Mapas de férias

Almada Mundo Associação de Formação, Educação e Inovação



EDUGEP – Ficha Inscrição Modular

PorJoão Chamiço

I Need Someone to Write My Essay For Me

Trying to balance your life and your academic work is hard. You’re juggling a variety of duties, and managing your time is vital to the success of your academic track. But, many students do not practice time management well despite the fact that they do. Because of their hectic schedules, loads of obligations get piled on top of them. If you’re one of those students, you should look into using an essay writing service such as EduBirdie. These writing services are specialized in helping students create essays. They can also offer high quality, inexpensive essay assistance.

Writing a good essay requires an innovative approach and sophisticated writing skills

Technical writers need creativity and the capability to utilize their writing skills to bring out more information. While being objective and rigorous is important, injecting some personality to your writing can enhance the reading experience. It’s important to determine the people you want to reach and the best way to reach them. Personas can be a fantastic tool to understand your intended audience. Personas are your ideal readers and help develop more specific messages.

Writing that is creative is concerned with putting ideas together and technical writing is more focused on the facts, technical writing involves both. Both styles of writing require imagination as well as clear the communication. Although creative essays may be thought of as more artistic however, they are also useful for as educational tools. The combination of technical and creative writing skills will increase your odds of success as writer. These strategies will help you combine technical and creative writing skills to produce the highest quality essay possible for every occasion.

Prior to submitting your essay, be sure that you have read it thoroughly. It’s essential to make sure your writing flows well. Many writers make mistakes by crafting their essays with the same sequence as the essay. This is why it is difficult to identify errors. In the second place, review your word count to make sure that you’re in the required number of words. You can add phrases to your webpage to verify that you’re writing to the appropriate word number.

Creative essays require high quality work. It is essential to keep your readers’ attention while incorporating technical essay writing skills. Writing creative essays is whatever you want to make up from nonfiction to fiction. But, the most important ability to develop when writing an essay is patience. It takes time to create your creative writing, but it gets more fun once you know how to write it.

Academic papers are different than a creative essay. This type of writing requires a lot of words. So the author must figure out ways to add length to their essay. The essays aim to get people to feel what the author is feeling. Additionally, they allow students to express their feelings in the safety of a comfortable and secure setting. Creative essays help develop your ability to write as well as critical analysis. These ideas will allow you to write creative essays if you’re not sure.

Check to see if your essay has not been plagiarized

Plagiarism has become a major issue. The good news is that there are free plagiarism checks for essays that are available. They can be found on the footer of any site or upload your paper to see the originality of it. Verifying that your essay is free of plagiarism is crucial for several reasons. In the first place, it can damage your reputation in the academic world if teachers discover that your essay is copied from an idea from someone else. In addition, you may not realize it but some ideas don’t fall in the realm of plagiarism.

The best way to check whether your essay is plagiarism-free is to utilize a plagiarism-checker. BibMe Plus is an on-line tool which detects plagiarism in similar texts. This is an extremely useful tool to students who might have accidentally plagiarized. The tool shows flagged essays in addition to possible sources. It allows you to read your essay and then take the appropriate actions if necessary.

Another way to check whether the essay you wrote is truly original can be to evaluate it by comparing it with others similar to it. Search engine reports usually include a list of individual sentences and hyperlinks to them. You may have to visit multiple sites if you discover the exact same text from various sources. Additionally, you might have to employ a software which highlights words that are after the “less than” symbol. Thankfully, small SEO Tools offer email support as well as live chat support. These tools also seem to be free.

Writer is another tool available for free which can detect plagiarism. It scans for up to 5000 words every second. It’s free and it works great however it may be slow to complete. Also, it doesn’t have a progress indicator, which can cause frustration if you’re the midst of rushing. Checking if your paper is free of plagiarism is crucial when you’re submitting it to your teacher. When you submit your essay, ensure you’ve checked the report on plagiarism of the writer.

EasyBib Plus is another free instrument that checks for missing citations in your document and gives suggestions on improvement in grammar and style. Unlike the free sites, EasyBib Plus also offers an option to check the essay for any missing the citations. It is possible to view the paper and determine which software program is going to change anything without not being informed. The EasyBib Plus plagiarism checker can be a useful instrument to enhance your writing skills.

There is a need for a solution that can be academically compliant.

When searching for a writer, it’s imperative to do lots of research. Companies that provide high-quality content as well as papers that meet academic standards are top of the line. Also, you should look for one that offers 100% privacy and does not share your information to any other third-party. Be sure to check consumer reviews and warrants to determine how legitimate the company is as well as if they live up to their image. Unfortunately, there are many businesses that provide poor quality services however, you must stay clear of them.

A reliable writing service will make sure that the paper you receive is completely original and meets academic standards. Make sure that the work you get is totally individual. Your professor doesn’t even know that you paid for someone else to complete your task. Also, you should look for an online writing service that offers total confidentiality. So, you can ensure that you do never have to be concerned about sharing your information with anyone else.

While searching for a writing service, be sure to read the reviews. The companies that adhere to academic standards as well as employ skilled writers are the best. Writing companies should be able to provide revisions as well as guarantees that they will not use your work. You should also look for writers with Masters or Ph.D. qualifications. Also, ensure that the writing company is citing all sources correctly. The service will correctly arrange citations in the event that they are legitimate to stay clear of software that detects plagiarism.

You should look for websites with testimonials or customer reviews. The business offers a range of writing and academic services. The services also let you discuss writing flow along with presentation techniques, the specifics in a style, and overall progress. Quality assurance experts are on hand to make sure that the final item is in line with the most rigorous academic quality standards. The writer is available for specific projects. Choose from our Top 10 possibilities and connect directly with the writer.

Selecting a service for writing with a guarantee of refunds

If you’re uncertain about the standard of the work the writer has provided, you are able to be sure to get a reimbursement. Additionally, the writing company should be open to change the content if dissatisfied. Writing service providers typically offer 24 hours service. If you have any issues, call them promptly. It is also possible to read customer reviews of writing services’ capabilities to learn how satisfied past customers have been.


UFCD 8599 – Comunicação Assertiva e Técnicas de Procura de Emprego

julho 4, 7, 11, 14, 18, 21, 25
segundas e quintas 18.30 às 22.00h (3.50h)

Informamos que a formação é gratuita, certificada pelo IEFP e subsidiada no valor de 4,77€ para a alimentação.

Online (25h)
Curso gratuito e certificado pelo Lisboa 2020.

Formadora Ana Paula Silva



  • Explicar o conceito de assertividade.
  • Identificar e desenvolver tipos de comportamento assertivo.
  • Aplicar técnicas de assertividade em contexto socioprofissional.
  • Reconhecer as formas de conflito na relação interpessoal.
  • Definir o conceito de inteligência emocional.
  • Identificar e descrever as diversas oportunidades de inserção no mercado e respetivos apoios, em particular as Medidas Ativas de Emprego.
  • Aplicar as principais estratégias de procura de emprego.
  • Aplicar as regras de elaboração de um curriculum vitae.
  • Identificar e selecionar anúncios de emprego.
  • Reconhecer a importância das candidaturas espontâneas.
  • Identificar e adequar os comportamentos e atitudes numa entrevista de emprego.


  • Comunicação assertiva
  • Assertividade no relacionamento interpessoal
  • Assertividade no contexto socioprofissional
  • Técnicas de assertividade em contexto profissional
  • Origens e fontes de conflito na empresa
  • Impacto da comunicação no relacionamento humano
  • Comportamentos que facilitam e dificultam a comunicação e o entendimento
  • Atitude tranquila numa situação de conflito
  • Inteligência emocional e gestão de comportamentos
  • Modalidades de trabalho
  • Mercado de trabalho visível e encoberto
  • Pesquisa de informação para procura de emprego
  • Medidas ativas de emprego e formação
  • Mobilidade geográfica (mercado de trabalho nacional, comunitário e extracomunitário)
  • Rede de contactos
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Anúncios de emprego
  • Candidatura espontânea
  • Entrevista de emprego

Almada Mundo Associação de Formação, Educação e Inovação



Ficha_Inscricao_Modular EDUGEP


PorJoão Chamiço

Tips to Help Me Write My Essay

Before you begin writing an essay, you need to decide what to write on. The type of essay you’re writing, it may be necessary to seek out assistance in finding topics or APA outline formats examples. Below are some suggestions that can help you compose your essay. These ideas will help you make a persuasive thesis and well-structured paragraphs. There may be a need for assistance with defining your thesis.

Argumentative essay topics

Many argue today that technological advancements have led to a decrease in the human value system. The threshold at which one is able to vote is an issue that is being debated. There is growing controversy about what is the appropriate age for people to legally drink alcohol. The role of television in society is another popular topic. Teenagers have been in love with TV and foreign films. This has led to increased sexual violence. In order to improve the society, the idea of mandatory military service must be looked at. There are those who argue that Christmas is little more than a marketing tactic to promote businesses, and it should be thrown out completely.

It is possible to make your essay distinct from other essays with a unique topic for your argumentative essay. A boring topic will create a difficult time communicating your point. Try to pick challenging topics that have enough details that is interesting and interesting. These tips will help you select a subject for your essay that is an argumentative one. What are the pros and drawbacks of each topic?

The most effective way to settle on an argumentative essay topic is to study five trustworthy sources. You will not only know the most relevant sections of an article, but also any extra information. Additionally, note down the details of the source, such as the title, author publication information or page numbers as well as others useful details. This information will help you in writing your bibliography. So, you’ll be competent to reference the info you’ve found during your investigation.

A thesis statement is the structure that a thesis should follow.

Your thesis statement must be the introduction to your paper. The “so what” must be addressed in your thesis declaration. question in the reader’s mind. It must be specific, however it shouldn’t be too general. Your argument must be clear enough to be understandable for the viewer. In addition, it must be sufficiently complex to provide instances or mention that there is a contrast. Thus, the reader will be able to be able to comprehend your viewpoint and then make their decision by looking at the data in the paper.

The format of a thesis statement within an essay is different. While a thesis statement is typically a one-sentence paragraph but it ought to be clear enough to be clear in the final version. The typical thesis statement is shorter and more authoritative as opposed to a thesis statement which solely provides information that is factual. A thesis statement has to be pertinent to each topic within the essay. It is essential to make certain that each topic is relevant to the thesis statement.

The thesis statement outlines the concept that the remainder of your essay supports. It may be an opinion, or a combination of several ideas or even a specific fact you’ve found. The principal ideas you choose to support it. The thesis statement should be concise. If you don’t provide any proof, a thesis statement will not be understood by your readers. The thesis statement should guide readers to the main idea of your paper and makes it easier to comprehend the remainder of the paper.

Your thought process must result in a thesis statement. This is the primary concept of the entire assignment. It is important to brainstorm ideas and choose a topic before you begin writing. While it’s okay to write about topics you like, make sure to pick something that can be interesting for people and inspire them to check out your work. Once you’ve done that, you’re set to go. This is a crucial step to every essay.

Transition words

In writing one of the most important aspects to be aware of is using appropriate transition words. If they’re not used correctly the transition words could undermine their purpose. While many people use words that transition at the start of sentences, these are typically deemed to be too formal to be used in academic writing. Some examples of this are “and,” “but,” and “because.”

Transition words can be used to establish a flow of your essay. When writing a cause-and effect essay as an example, you may want to show the relationship between two events. These phrases can be used to describe the order of events or how temporary the event. Below are some of the more common transition words.

It is essential to determine the character of your transition when using transition words. A phrase that is used to indicate when an idea within the paragraph has changed dramatically. A conclusion, for instance, could jump from one paragraph to the next. In contrast, it could result in a conclusion. The words used in transition must have an important purpose to improve the quality in your work. However, you should use the words sparingly.

Transition words are one of the connecting words that link ideas within the paragraph. A transition word connects two ideas. It summarizes the major idea of the paragraph, before connecting it with the concept in the next paragraph. Likewise, a transition within an article can bring together different concepts and serve as an indicator for the reader to follow. The words that transition can be simple words or short phrases. When they are used in a proper manner they help make your writing flow effortlessly and clearly.

APA outline format examples

The APA outline style isn’t unique to any particular form of writing. However, it will require an outline of sources. This sample outlines how to write an outline. It summarizes the principal points of the paper, and suggesting ways to further investigate. It’s possible to alter it to fit your own needs. Use a regular font such as Times New Roman 12 points for the APA style. Double-spaced text is fine and you should make sure to double-space your text.

When creating an APA outline, the initial thing to do is create the main heading. Once you have the primary heading in place, look at the subheadings. Every heading must be identified in the English alphabet’s capital letters. So, for example, “The History and Foundation of Mugs” is the subheading. In addition, you should mark each paragraph by an appropriate subheading. If you are writing a research paper, you could also make a presentation outline.

After you’ve identified the primary heading, you’ll have to develop subheadings according to APA guidelines. Subheadings must be of similar in size to the main heading. Select either the menu button or drop-down to choose one. Then, make sure to make sure that you align your subheadings as well as headings to ensure that they are appropriately placed. This is the standard procedure to follow in the creation of an APA outline.

If you’re looking to know more about APA outline format, you can check out some APA outline format examples. They can be utilized to help overcome formatting issues that can arise when you write essays. When you’re in the process of writing your essay, you’ll need to choose an interesting subject and do thorough studies to build a strong thesis. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll finish your paper. Don’t be scared by the format guidelines. For help in writing an article using APA style, here are some examples.

Professional writing services provide revisions

Professional writing services typically offer free revisions and unlimited revisions in their work. This is a level lower than starting over and throwing out the work. The time spent on a project only to find out that it requires some changes afterward. You might also spend extra time writing an essay when you’ve completed it. This is why the use of a professional writing service comes in handy. The most crucial characteristic that every writing service should offer.

A professional writing service makes the whole process easier for you. It is safe to know that your writing won’t be copied and that you’re writing it for the intended audience. A professional writing company will have writers that have a great deal of experience with various formats and styles. A professional writing service will be able to deliver the work on time, so you can get moving with your task.

A professional writing company will also allow unlimited revisions. This can be particularly useful for those who aren’t sure of their writing abilities. Professional writers will perform the logical research for you as well as ensure that your work will be error-free. If you’re not happy with the work they’ll give you a money return guarantee. This means you can rest assured that your paper will never remain unfinished.


MESA REDONDA + Almada Movimentos Culturais + Inclusivos

já este sábado!

Sábado dia 25 de junho 2022
15H00 às 18H00

+ Almada Movimentos Culturais + Inclusivos

Debate e reflexão sobre a questão:
Que relação temos com a arte, a cultura, a criação artística, a cidadania e a inclusão?

Moderador:  Paulo Pires
Local: Clube Recreativo União Raposense
R. Raposo de Cima, 2825-099 Caparica
Atividade aberta a jovens e adultos

Informação e inscrições

Tel: 21 274 14 28 / 92 017 93 00



Workshop Cidadania Ativa e Inclusão

já este sábado!


Sábado dia 25 de junho
10H00 às 13H00  2022

Formador:  Giovana Pires
Local: Clube Recreativo União Raposense
R. Raposo de Cima, 2825-099 Caparica
Atividade aberta a jovens e adultos
Participação musical “OUTRA BANDA” AE do MONTE de CAPARICA

Informação e inscrições

Tel: 21 274 14 28 / 92 017 93 00